RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2024

Event Date: May 9, 2024
End Date: May 12, 2024
Location: Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 6NW
Admission: TicketHotline 0344 3385400

Event Information

A Blooming Success

RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2024 Flourishes with Floral Splendor

The RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2024 has once again proven to be a horticultural haven, captivating green thumbs and nature enthusiasts alike. Nestled in the picturesque Three Counties Showground, this year’s festival, held from May 9th to May 12th, celebrated the beauty of spring with an array of stunning gardens, captivating floral displays, and a wealth of gardening inspiration.

Garden enthusiasts from all corners flocked to Malvern to witness the creative landscapes on display. The festival featured a diverse range of gardens, each telling a unique story and showcasing innovative design concepts. From contemporary urban oases to traditional cottage gardens, the variety of green spaces offered something for every taste and gardening style.

One of the highlights of this year’s festival was the impressive show gardens designed by some of the most talented horticulturists in the industry. These creations not only displayed exceptional gardening skills but also conveyed powerful messages about sustainability, biodiversity, and the importance of connecting with nature.

The Floral Marquee, a perennial favorite, housed a stunning collection of flowers, plants, and gardening accessories. Visitors had the opportunity to interact with knowledgeable exhibitors, garnering valuable insights and advice for their own gardening endeavors. From rare blooms to classic favorites, the marquee was a treasure trove for plant enthusiasts seeking to add unique specimens to their collections.

Educational opportunities abounded with expert talks, workshops, and demonstrations led by seasoned gardeners and horticulturalists. Attendees could delve into topics ranging from organic gardening practices to the art of floral arranging, gaining practical tips and tricks to implement in their own gardens.

The vibrant atmosphere of the RHS Malvern Spring Festival extended beyond the flowers and foliage. Artisan stalls, local food vendors, and entertainment options provided a well-rounded experience, ensuring that attendees could indulge in culinary delights and enjoy a day filled with both relaxation and inspiration.

As the festival came to a close, the RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2024 left an indelible mark on the hearts of visitors, inspiring them to cultivate their own green spaces with newfound passion and creativity. With the scent of blooming flowers still lingering in the air, the legacy of this year’s festival will continue to blossom in gardens across the country, reminding us all of the enduring beauty of nature and the joy that comes from nurturing it.


Festival Theatre – Fri

Alan Titchmarsh will be joining us on the Friday of RHS Malvern Spring Festival in the Festival Theatre.


Theatre Host – Every Day 

Martin Fish has a wealth of practical gardening experience gained over 40 years as a professional horticulturist.

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