Royal Cheshire County Show 2024

Event Date: June 18, 2024
End Date: June 19, 2024
Location: Clay House Farm, Flittogate Lane, Tabley, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0HJ

Event Information

A splendid homage to the idyllic Cheshire countryside, agriculture, delectable cuisine, and wholesome family entertainment, the Royal Cheshire County Show marked its 185th anniversary in the year 2023.

This year’s array of attractions comprised a stellar lineup, featuring over 3,000 animals for attendees to observe and engage with. From the majestic Horse Show to the captivating Sheep Show, and the culinary delights of the Food Hall and Food Live Theatre, where the esteemed chef Jean Christophe Novelli graced the stage, the offerings were as diverse as the Cheshire landscape itself. The program also featured thrilling spectacles such as the Extreme Bike Battle, the mesmerizing Atkinson Action Horses, and the ever-popular Cheshire Farmers Market, creating a dynamic tapestry of experiences for all.

In a historic first, the Royal Cheshire County Show proudly introduced “Live! At The Show.” This special concert was seamlessly integrated into the ticket price for all attendees on Tuesday, June 20th, showcasing performances by Odyssey, Katrina, Brother Beyond, and 5 Star. This musical extravaganza added an extra layer of delight to an already special day at the Show.

Looking ahead, the Show is poised to return in 2024 on the 18th and 19th of June, with tickets now available at a special early-bird rate. It’s an opportunity not to be missed for those eager to once again immerse themselves in the unique charm and multifaceted allure of the Royal Cheshire County Show.

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